Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Updates on my 7 mths life---Nightmare

Oct---started my y3 sem 5 life in utar...quite relaxing life cuz it was a short sem.

Nov---forgotten wat happen

Dec--- went to 'Tang Lan Hua' evengelistic meeting...er er er...forgotten

Jan--- Nightmares begin...Year 3 sem 3...final sem

Feb---Forgotten wat happen...mayb faces alot of problem in thesis

March---unforgettable experience working in Sarah Brightman's concert on my bday!!!
a stressful mth as there were lotsa assignments n tests...i will never forget how i spent my march. Everyday, assignment, assignment assignment. QQ came over to my room to work wif me most of the days. i will never forget the night we spent together to complete our IF and CRCI's assignments. I'll not forget wat i did when we were stucked in MADM. I still remember QQ was totally exhausted n sicked thus sleeping on my bed while i was grabbing the window beside my study table n looking at the sky outside searching for sumthing (freedom?!?!)...i felt like i was a criminal.was super stressed...luckily God lead guided me all the way thru if not i think i hv become a psycho. During that period, we only had bout 4 hrs sleep aday.me and QQ or most of us broke our own record which was we used 12 hrs to complete our CRCI revision for the test. we did the revision on thursday n had the test on friday morning. Friday morning was the day i've waited and long for...as im going back to wif parents to hv a short break (self-declared hols for 10days).
Really appreciate QQ for answering my questions and asking me questions and giving me suggestions when we were doing all the assignments. We argued for points...i enjoyed it very much. Frankly speaking, we created our own stories for CRCI and MADM assignments instead of giving facts...n we scored quite high. ya, not to forget other members for their help...
big crack appeared...after i came back from pg...

April---the cracked cannot be safe anymore
i never met such a person in my life b4...i'll only dislike a person for sometime n everything will be over...but till now i still can't forget how we were treated.ya, mayb most of the classmates will think that we were trying to boycott her or bullying her...but there's a chinese say: duck eat yellow lotus, only those who eat it will noe the bitter..kekeke...

May---start to prepare for my final exams
a very bad mth..stressful...trying to compete wif time everyday
the last paper was my worst day in may...cuz i din noe how to do the exam...thanks to the cocky shamini.
din really enjoy my hols after the finals..was so stressful while waiting for the results, had nightmare everynight.
a big relief when the results are released!!
Yeah, me n QQ completed our studies together!!!

June--rotting at home!!!!!!!!!

I think my grammer very cacat...im seeing stars right now, very tired, had 0 hr sleep last night n had only 3hrs sleep this evening...

Monday, October 13, 2008

My sem hols

my sem hols juz ended.

so now i'll juz summarized what i did during my sem break.

22nd sept: help mum to give tuition
24th---26th sept: langkawi trip (wif shiaw chieng, lee ching, sidney n mr car)...pls go to my facebook to view the photos...hehe
26th sept (night): celebrated dad's bday...had sharkfin's soup, bao hu n etc...I left the photos in pg so cannot upload right now.
27th sept: went to jun wen's house for bbq...pls go to my facebook to view the photos
28th spet: lunch at ananda...an indian restaurant at hill side
2nd oct: went out wif yoyo n kevin for dinner at queensbay mall
6th oct: help mum to give tuition. eat taiwanese food for dinner
9th oct: went to c Dr ong too but he was in kl.later when to the market.then cooked gu lou meat, petai, steame fish n egg for dinner.again, i left the photos in penang.
10th oct: went for seafood...yummy
11th oct: back to sg long...sob!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lonely moonake festival...

after my afternoon nap...i went to buy dinner. at 1st, i planned to eat thai fried rice from the mini shop but it was closed. then i changed my plan to eat tom yam fried rice from another kopitiam...who noes it was closed. then again, i changed my mind.instead of having noodles n rice i want ROTI...who noes all the mini market closed d.gosh...the whole row of shops closed n the whole street were soooooo quiet. so i ended up eating nasi pataya from the mamak store.geeeshh...

wat i did in this mooncake festival??studied tax!!!!haiz...no mooncake...cuz i already finished it a few days b4 that...lolz. becuz of the final exams, this was my 1st time 'celebrating' alone. if there were no final exams, i might be celebrating wif frens or even family instead for celebrating alone in the rooooooom. duh!!!! hate that kind feelings.

now i understand how it feels when u r not be able to get home during festive seasons...it's horrible!!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

my life during exams...food,food,food =P

woaaaa...i woke up at 6am this morning!!can't believe it =P

actually i couldn't get back to my dreamlad after i went to the toilet la...haha...so after waking up, i started by revision...haiz haiz haiz...exams r coming real sooon.

in fact, i m counting down for 19th of sept!!my last day of exams.well, the exam will be held in the morning. we'll (the whole class) hv gathering at The Curve at night but we will leave sg long at 3pm!!finally i can hv a gathering ourside of sg long wif good food!!yohoooo...can't wait till that day!!*excited*

ok, back to my study week.besides studying during study week, me n chieng were as if a food tester.we tested lotsa food in sg long.lolz...today we r going to try new food again.ahahaha.

we LOVE to eat!!

Monday, August 25, 2008


this morning when qi,mei wei n liling warned me bout my car which was park outside UTAR will get summon. i was thinking that i wont be that 'sui' cuz i never kena b4 last time n this is the 1st time i park it over there after 7 months of parking at other places.

who noesss...who noessss...i really kena summon from the polis.duh!!!

if i din meet thesis supervisor n left uni at 10am, i wont kena.argghhhhh!!!

this is my FIRST summon after driving for 4.5 yrs.lolz...

A Total Mess...

my group presentation was a mess...except for s.chieng(perfect---content n presentation skill).Good job, chieng!!!

me??content got lotsa problem...presentation skill still ok...

others??dun ask me...no eyes to c n no ears to listen =P

well, i think i'll be very strict next time!!hope that i can do it... :P

*dun argue wif me next time cuz it has proven that i was right.or mayb i shud say we were right.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

stress n happy!!ahaha


finally my water tap is fixed!!! after waiting for so long, the tap in my room is finally fixed!!thanks landlord...wahahha...if not no water to use.

well, suddenly feel scared bout exams...i din hv confidence to pass my exams n not to say to score...


i woke up at 7.10am cuz having class at 8am. but b4 i went to brush my teeth etc, i received a msg from shiaw chieng saying that she is not going. n becuz of this, i decided to skip. the class that i skipped is HRM tutorial.hehe....a very boring tutorial.theni went to oioi again but i cant really oioi...so woke up at 8am n study.

went for tax tutorial at 11am.after that went for lunch wif shiaw chieng n joel.after luch we went to the computer lab in UTAR to ammend our slide.

at 2pm, we went for tax lecture. the lecture for today was very short.finished a lecture within an hr.haha..then our lecturer---mr ong gave us some 'guidelines' for exams...wahahahahha...so happy.after he gave me the 'guidelines', i hv more confidence to pass the exam...lolz...

happy, happy, happy!!!


tuesday 19.8.2008 sunny

i woke up early in the morning which was 6.40am cuz i gotta go back to sg long.my bus will depart at 9am.hmmm...slept at 5am n woke up at 6.40am...means less than 2 hrs of sleep..ehehe.

b4 going to the bus station, parents took me to air hitam(air itam??dunno which is the correct speling) for breakfast---char koay teow!!!yummy!!!

reached sg nibong at 8.30am.bus departed at 9am.arrived at kl old railway station at 1.30pm

here comes the story....

after arriving, i wanted to go to the toilet.who noes the toilet in nice office under renovation...so i decided to tahan(not that "urgent" actually) as the journey will only takes me less than an hr to sg long.

so i went to buy ktm ticket n wait for the train to come.i was so happy when i c the train coming towards me as i dun hv to wait.i dislike waiting...haha.excitedly, i went into the train.the train passed by sentral...then angkasapuri,then pantai dalam sumthing...n i was thinking 'hmmm,bangsar is actually not that far away,NST(newspaper) office is over here...wow there's pond over here....etc...' suddenly, i jumped up from my seat n had a inner conversation wif myself :'wait a minute, i never c bangsar road sign, nts office, fish pond when i went to old railway station the other day...n where's mid valley??...it shud be the next station after sentral.'my instinct told me that im in the wrong train to the wrong direction.den i decided to confirm wif other passanger n the passenger told me it's going to pelabuhan klang (port klang)...oh my gosh!!!!my instinct was right!!!instead of heading towards sg long now i was at the other direction.

thus, i quickly get down from the train when it stopped in petaling...luckily it's juz 3 station away from sentral...if not...hahahaha...

well the whole journey took me about 2 hrs to get back to sg long instead of 1 hr.

it's indeed a great experience.glad that i've learnt new things thru this stupid mistake(sum1 said it was so stupid)...wahahahaha.

all of my frenz laughed at me when i told them what i experienced the other day...lolz.

so never be like me...din c properly n ask properly b4 going up to a train.hahaha.

i think the correct route to serdang is...old railway station--->sentral(terminal 6)--->serdang--->U41...den u'll reach sg long. :)

will reconfirm wif u guys when i take the train again next time... :P